About The Shadow Fund

The Shadow Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and may be sent to: The Shadow Fund, c/o The Massachusetts School of Law, 500 Federal Street, Andover, MA, 01810.

The Shadow Fund’s mission is to provide limited financial assistance to a guardian of an animal companion who is unable to provide necessary veterinarian care or medical attention for the cherished pet.

How The Shadow Fund Began…
Shadow was a five-year-old yellow Labrador retriever that Robert Burke rescued. Mr. Burke, a Vietnam veteran, was going to be forced to quit his job so he could access his 401(k) retirement plan (his company did not permit current employees to access the account) to pay for the surgery that Shadow needed, since he could not pay on his $488 weekly salary. Fortunately for Mr. Burke and Shadow, Mark E. Vogler of the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune wrote a story about Burke’s predicament. The story attracted the attention of the Massachusetts School of Law and Dr. Richard Lindsay, a founder of the Andover Animal hospital.

After examining Shadow, Dr. Lindsay agreed to perform the surgery if the law school could raise $1,000 to cover part of the cost. That was all Professor Diane Sullivan needed to hear, and she and her animal law class spread the word. People sent in so much money that there was a surplus after paying for the surgery. Thus, The Shadow Fund was established at the suggestion of Dean Michael L. Coyne and Burke to help pet owners who cannot afford necessary medical treatment for their pets. Requests keep pouring in. Would you help us by making a tax deductible donation?

Would you help us by making a tax deductible donation?